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Area of Specialisation

Date of Joining: 2/5/2017

Dr. Sunil Kulkarni

An Academician with 2 decades of experience in the field of Management Education in Mumbai.Currently Associate Professor-marketing at VESIM Business school and also Ph.D Guide for Mumbai University(Management) one student has completed his Ph.D (VTU University).Conceptualised/written/presented/reviewed 100 articles/research papers/book chapters in various national/international conferences/events.

Educational Qualifications
Ph.D(Pune University)-2001-02
MMS-Pune Univesity(Symbiosis Institute) -1992
DBM-Shivaji University-1996-Distinction
DME-Government Polytechnic Kolhapur -1983 first class

Academic Affiliation
Associate Professor-Marketing-VESIM Business school,Mumbai
Ph.D Guide-Mumbai University

Professional Affiliation
Life Member-Bombay Management Association

Marketing group subjects like
selling and negotiation skills
Sales management and other
international business
business ethics
rural marketing
B2B marketing

Area of Research
Marketing Group subjects related and connected with Industry and Society
current research students areas are
CRM in Pharma industry
B2B marketing and Digital/social media
MSME and Internet Marketing
one ph.d student-pharma marketing
another MSME sector
rural marketing
sales management

Current Research
CRM in pharma industry
Internet Marketing and MSME
B2B and Digital/social media


Research Papers

more than 10 journal papers in UGC/similar journals

1)Consumer preference towards multichannel retailing-published(Co-author) in international journal of management, social science research review(IJMSRR)-Vol,6, issue 4, April 2019-ISSN-2349-6738

2) “A study on Multichannel shopper behavior towards electronic products with special reference to Bangalore city” published in The Management Quest, Vol1, Issue 1; April-September 2018 online ISSN;2581-6632 3

3) ‘Rural Digitization –When and How? Published in Shodhaditya-Volume 5 issue 1 December-May 2018 ISSN 2347-8403

4) ’Multi-channel and Omni-channel retailing-A drive towards future retailing-published in International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review(IJBARR)- Vol 1, Issue.20 Oct-Dec, 2017.Page 49 E-ISSN-2347-856X ISSN-2348-0653

5) EIC (Economic, industry wise and company) wise analysis of impact of Demonetization (page 226-233) in Journal of Management (JOM) Volume 5, issue 3, May-June 2018, Journal impact factor (2016):2,4352 ISSN Print:2347-3940 and ISSN Online:2347-3959

6) “The world MAY BE Flat, Bumpy or Oval but Bharat and India has to come together to be fully included in Globalization process’- Published in Journal of Advances in Business management-sept,2015, Vol 1, issue 3 (pages 247-250)-ISSN-2395-7328, IBI Factor,2015-2.8

7) “The Theory and Practice of Innovation in India compared with the world’ published in JIMS-8M-Vol 16, No.3 July-September 2011

8) “Innovation Management-challenges and opportunities in the next decade’ –published in Asia Pacific journal of Management and Entrepreneurship research (APJMER) Vol.2, issue 1, Jan 2013(ISSN-2277-8098)

9) “Current and changing trends in some business sector in India”-published in SBR-ISBN 978-81-922159-1-4(Pages 100-104)

10) “Innovations in financial products for rural India”-published in International Journal of Business management, Economics and information technology, Vol,3, No,1, Jan-June 2011:55-62-ISSN-0975-296X

11) “Inflation-The right time to ask modern retailers to play the role of partial PDS (Public Distribution system)”-published in international journal of Management sciences-ISSN 0973-2101 Vol 6 No.2 Dec 2010(pages 50-64)

12)’Role of Logistics in Dairy Industry”-Published in Indian Journal of Marketing, Vol-XXXIV No.3 March ,2004 (pages 16-18)

13) Reviewed the Book-Marketing Management Indian Context-Global Perspectives by Ramaswamy Namkumari-6 th edition (SAGE Publications)

14) Reviewed the book Rural Marketing-Text and Cases,2/e (Kindle edition) by Krishnamacharyulu, Lalitha Ramakrishna.

Publications in Book Chapters/Others
ten chapters In books of reputed publishers
New generation marketing-moving beyond horizon published in Dr.Ajit Dubey's book


more than 25 conference papers in local/international academic events.

1) Attended a two-day workshop on “Qualitative research methods and analysis (20-31 St October,2015) conducted by VESIM Business school

2) Session chair during- IC4E 2011- International Economics Development and research center(IEDRC) held during January 7-9,2011, Mumbai

3) Session chair-14th SIMSR Global Marketing conference

4) session chair-international conference on global transformation –at LLC-11-12 th April,2014

5) attended 2nd SIMSR-ASIA 2006 International marketing conference, December 17-18,2006

6) Attended A faculty development programme(FDP)-Applications of research methodology and statistics in management pedagogy organized by DYPIMS-,25 th August,2007.

7) Aditya institute of Management-National conference on entrepreneurship development-An economic growth perspective-2-4th March,2012.

8)Participated in the seminar on Disaster Management-Socio-economic implications held at LLIC-27th January,2006

9) participated in National seminar on –Innovate or Evaporate-financial innovations opportunities held at LLIM,25 TH September,2010

10) participated in the international conference on –Management of emerging paradigm conflicts in a globalized world held by PES Institute of technology during Jan,8-9,2010

11)Attended workshop on Educational research –AVISHKAR (2014-2015) organized at K.P.B. Hinduja college and University of Mumbai.

12)Session chair-women entrepreneurship conference at VESIM-13 th october,2018

13) Attended FDP at Entrepreneurship development institute of India(EDI)-Ahmedabad,17-28 December,2018

14) Nominated as judge-for 13th Inter-collegiate/institute/department-Avishkar research convention -2018-19 organized by Mumbai university.

15) Attended FDP on The faculty I want to be-Re-designing ME towards my ideal self- at VESIM-14TH Feb,2019

16) session chair BASIC,2019- Business analytics conference, VESIM, Mumbai.

17) Attended a workshop at SPJIMR on innovative teaching methods on 14/3/2018

18) Attended a workshop on Scientific approaches to literature review-at ITM Business school-1/9/2018

19) conducted a workshop on How to write research papers on 16/12/2017 at VESIM.

20) Attended MDP on Commodity derivatives at VESIM held on 19th July,2018

21)Attended FDP On qualitative and quantitative research methods and design at VESIM-12-14 th July,2018.

22)Attended workshop on –outcome based learning and accreditation process at VESIM on 5-6 th October,2018.

23)organized a seminar on ‘Branding’(Chief guest.Mr.Jagdeep Kapoor) at LLIM-2006

Working Papers
Make in rural india and be Desi or follow American/Chinese way? A sugested innovation for emerging markets
Make in your respective rural markets-A suggested innovation for emerging markets
New perspectives of Agricultural Marketing adopted in Maharashtra
Role of rural markets in country's economy -suggested innovation for emerging markets
Adopt anand model(milk)for,shelter and be a happier nation

Work in Committees and Groups


Custom Programs
conducted 9 mdps in the area of marketing at NITIE

Speaking Engagements

Awards & Honours