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Specialisations Offered

Business Analytics
  • The term “business analytics” defines a technology that uses data analysis to solve business problems. The effective use of business analytics has helped companies to gain a competitive edge.
  • VESIM trains you in all the three segments of Analytics– Data Management, Data Analysis and Data Visualization.
  • In 2017, VESIM is introduced Hadoop, R – Programming, Internet of Things and High Performance Analytics in its curriculum.
  • Students will get opportunities to learn text mining, sentiment analytics and visual analytics.
  • Students will get opportunities to work on various projects on IoT and Analytics.
  • Our facility features SAS, Hadoop and R – programming software, 2 dedicated servers, and 100 computers.
  • Placement opportunities are excellent as most companies are slowly realizing the importance of data analysis and its impact on their business.
Banking & Finance
  • Finance has remained the most important choice of the management students as it is one of the scarcest resources of the organisation and can act as a game changer in an organisation’s success.
  • In today's dynamic business environment, financial executives are exploring ways in which the financial function can bring greater value to their organizations.
  • The evolution of financial analytics has been driven by the emergence of new business models, the changing role of the traditional finance department, modifications to business processes and advances in technology.
  • Keeping this aspect in mind and the necessity to educate and produce proficient and knowledgeable professionals in the area of finance, specialization of banking & finance has been set up. A diploma course on banking and finance recognised by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance has been clubbed in one trimester for getting through the banking jobs.
  • This specialization area provides domain knowledge not only in the area of finance but also covers analytics extensively.
  • Students learn 8 analytics subjects spread over 5 trimesters.
  • Marketing is the principal reason behind the success of any business. A specialization in marketing stream enhances the skills of the students from basic and covers advanced levels.
  • The course provides theoretical models in Marketing that adds to the knowledge of how markets work and how to compete effectively in the market. The course provides an application based practical approach to deal with various real life scenarios.
  • The goal is to increase the depth of knowledge in this area so that they can take strategic decisions with regards to Products and Services.
  • With specialization in Marketing, students will learn modern techniques of reaching out to a consumer in the 'New Economy' using various digital tools.
  • The Marketing specialization program creates employable professionals catering to industry by imparting focused and dedicated training of job aspirants.

Human Resource Management

  • People are the important assets of any organization. Today business considers manpower as an important resource. In an ability-driven business landscape, an efficient human resource management contributes to its success.
  • The Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management is designed to equip HR practitioners with occupational knowledge, as well as practical skills required for managing human resources in an organization.
  • Curriculum for the HR course is reviewed and aligned with SHRM global guidelines, this course module covers important HR concepts such as Talent Management, HR Information Systems, Reward Systems, Performance Management and HR Analytics.
  • VESIM in collaboration with SHRM India trains students to take the SHRM Master’s Certificate in HRM. A comprehensive, experiential HR Certificate program derived from SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (SHRM BoCK™).
  • VESIM sponsors the SHRM Master Certification exam for each PGDM HR student. Of course, each student is responsible for meeting the criteria of SHRM including passing the certification examination.


  • Operations Management is a vital subject that every business student needs to understand because it is at the heart of the creation of wealth for businesses and the improvements in the living standard of citizens of all countries.
  • This course helps students to understand the key concepts of operations and supply chain management such as Innovation, Forecasting, Inventory Management, Capacity and Aggregate Planning, Facility Layout, Scheduling Models and Applications, Supply Chain Integration, and Transportation.
  • Operations research provides the basis for decision making in a scientific and rational manner.
  • The students enrolled in the course get opportunity to attend software based workshop on ERP (SAP) in industry and also derive benefit from experiential workshops on facility layout, process studies and field visit to multinational companies.
  • Operations and Supply Chain management has emerged as a lucrative career option among the youth in India and abroad.
  • It offers wide range of career opportunities in the field of Construction, Consulting Firms, Financial Institutes, Hospitality, IT, Insurance, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics.
  • The Students from Operations domain are also taught by esteemed visiting faculty from reputed institutes like IIT, NIT, IIM and IISc.

International Business

  • The importance of international business is greater than ever as companies around the world become better connected hence there is a growing need for business and management graduates with an international perspective, who are capable of operating effectively in a globalized world.
  • In an ever-changing global business and economic environment, studying business from an international perspective is vital for graduates who are ambitious to work across international boundaries and cultures.
  • International business specialization give students an understanding of the different business management practices found all over the world and prepare them for graduate careers working abroad or in organizations that are engaged in business on a global scale.
  • Studying international business in specialization allows students to see how globalization has brought about an increasing 'connectedness' of businesses, markets, people and information across countries.
  • The course module focuses on the key business disciplines with an international context which helps in understanding the latest business trends and its applications in organizations.
  • The skills that students develop on international business specialization are highly sought after by employers and there is a buoyant current and future market demand for international business postgraduates. This demand translates into varied opportunities in a range of settings and job sectors.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and translation between languages.
  • Machine Learning is the ability for machines to learn by themselves and improve their own performance. They do not rely on rule-based programming, but instead on algorithms that identify patterns in data and then predict similar patterns in new data. Importantly, the software can continually improve the quality of the predictions they make as time goes on.
  • The course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is taught on SAS Viya platform and covers the latest machine learning algorithms.
  • Students shall get opportunity to learn Deep Learning and Data Visualization in this specialization.
  • Students shall also get opportunity to learn open source platforms like R programming and Python language.
    Placement opportunities are excellent in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as the demand for people with these skills is growing day by day.
  • Our learning platform includes trained faculty, three computer labs equipped with 100 computers and two dedicated servers.

Aviation Management

  • Aviation Management specialization is focused on the aviation sector and its many allied sectors.
  • The specialisation covers the application of modern management concepts, management methods and tools to the unique challenges of aviation business.
  • Curriculum conceived through extensive research, interaction and consultation with aircraft industries, aerospace R&D centres, airlines, airports and academic institutions.
  • Designed innovatively to provide leadership skills and enable critical, creative and analytical thinking leading to a spirit of professional excellence.
  • Curriculum covers all the aspects of aviation management, including modules related to ground handling, cargo, aviation safety & fleet management, regulatory management, fuelling management & other allied issues relevant to the aviation industry.
  • Pedagogy is supported by guest lectures, local and international case studies, field works and workshops by eminent faculty & professionals from aviation industry.
  • The Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI), Mumbai Chapter is the academic partner to enable students to learn all the necessary skills required to become a manager in the Aviation industries.

Sports Management

  • PGDM in Sports Management provides a wide range of career prospects for students interested in sports and activities surrounding sports. The students develop capability to choose their career in any space including Management of Sports Leagues, Media, Event Management, Sports Consultants, and Franchise Operations etc.
  • Study in Sports Management gives opportunity to those interested and passionate in this domain, a path to study in detail about sports and the business & management of sports.
  • The course amalgamates the specialized knowledge of sports with the understanding of business and marketing. This aids the student to comprehend sports as a part of larger eco system and helps them to manage all the work-related to sports in their career.
  • The Course provides a student with a holistic view of management of sports in national and international context.
  • It supports the students to understand and realize the ethical standards, norms that surround the domain and develop skills to strategize and manage in that framework.
  • The students become aware of the latest trends in the field and develop skills to critically assess and implement concepts in their work.