FDP Introduction

VESIM’s Faculty Development Programme (FDP) aims at improving teaching and research capabilities of management educators employed in various business schools, universities, staff training and management institutions in India.

In the competitive economic environment, all commercial and non-commercial organizations are driven by the need to employ highly competent and skilled managers. Hence, it has become critical for management teachers to obtain in-depth knowledge on the subjects they teach their student managers.

Our FDP Programme enables participants to understand advancements in research across various management disciplines, to learn about effective pedagogies, as well as acquire presentation skills - needed to become an efficient management faculty member. 

All lectures are conducted by VESIM’s distinguished internal faculty, as well as external subject matter experts, with immense industry experience. The learning methodology involves a blend of lectures, role plays, presentations, real-life situation discussion, and problem-solving.

Topical Coverage

Our FDP course offerings include the following:
  • Workshop on Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis using ATLAS.ti: This workshop promotes the use of qualitative assessment software in research.
  • Workshop on Case Writing: This workshop helps participants understand the importance of case writing, and developing an ability to create cases for classroom discussions.
  • Workshop on Mixed Methods Approach in Research: The workshop focuses on implementing mixed methods approach in research, involving various qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Workshop on Case Teaching: The workshop promotes the importance of case-based teaching in business schools.