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About Double Degree

A strong management acumen coupled with a analytic thinking and fast decision-making ability is what you need to excel in the ever-expanding, competitive business world. A PGDM at VESIM not only helps you acquire these skills but also teaches you how to push your boundaries to perform better. What if you can combine these key skills with your interests? By doing so, you are getting prepared for double facets of a management career - becoming a successful management professional, as well as becoming an expert of note at the highly competitive workplace. At VESIM, we have introduced several Double Degree Programs that enable candidates to acquire double specializations, double their expertise, experience, and knowledge during their two-year study period.

VESIM has partnered with with top-ranked universities and business schools from across the globe to provide an innovative range of Double Degree Programs. The programs offer the best blend of multiple elements, which empower students to devise innovative approaches to issues, juggle multiple ideas at the same time, as well as emerge as a key problem solver at their work places. In addition to their studies at the VESIM campus, the chosen students get a chance to acquire second Masters specialization through an accelerated six-month study at the campus of our partnering organization.

The Various Double Degree Options Provided by VESIM
  • Technical University of Cartagena, Spain: Master on Mobile Technologies and Smart Cities (MMTSC)
  • The Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia:
    • MBA in Management
    • MBA in Marketing
    • MBA in Corporate Finance
    • MBA in Finance and Banking
    • MBA in Accounting, Auditing, and Taxes
    • MBA in Quantitative Finance
    • MBA in Human Resources Management
    • MBA in Supply Chain Management