About Business Analytics

Today, businesses are driven by disruptive technologies. Digital disruption has brought several opportunities, as well as challenges along with it. One of the biggest challenges is managing the huge volume of data produced by these disruptive technologies. Although businesses are utilizing data to out-think their rivals, still there are many who are missing out on such opportunities due to the lack of understanding. Thus, competence in data analytics is becoming a critical skill in new-age business organizations. Data Analytics is the use of “digital data mining, data visualisation, pattern matching, and predictive modeling tools” to produce analysis that helps businesses to make better strategic, as well as profitable business decisions.
VESIM offers Executive Program in Data Analytics that help students, business managers and leaders, and working professionals to drive innovation and productivity in their organization. The program is currently delivered in two parts:
  • Part A: Certification in Business Analytics
  • Part B: Certification in Data Analytics 
The course helps them to: gain an understanding of how to use big data to gain operational insights, structuring big data to solve major business problems, and to support decision making in an organization. The programme discusses the relevance of data analytics in various domains, such as finance, marketing, and operations. 

The course is conducted in collaboration with SAS India - one of the leading analytics firms in the world. The program enables participants to learn utilization of various business analytics tools in the simulated environment. In addition to that, participants get an opportunity to interact with our core faculty experts specialising in data and business analytics, trainers from SAS India, and various industry experts.


The pedagogy is highly interactive and progressive.

  • Classroom Hours: Around 500 hours of content, 189 hours of personal interactions, and 60 hours of live sessions, and 300+ hours of recorded sessions.
  • Industry Exposure: Working on data sets and case studies collected from industry, and networking opportunities with industry experts during various guest lectures.
  • Analytics Lab: Hands - on experience with business data through Hadoop, and other access tools including SAS, Python, etc.

Program Duration

The duration of the program is 1 year (part-time). Each certification (Part A and Part B) shall be of five months. The sessions will be delivered at VESIM Analytics Lab twice a week (Saturday and Sunday).

Who Should Attend?

  • Working professionals and graduates (in Engineering, Statistics, Physics, and Mathematics) aspiring to make a career in data science, data analytics, and data analytics consulting.
  • Business analysts who want to improve their analytical skills.
  • Managers and department heads in the corporate sector who want to use structured data to boost their decision-making skills.
  • Business executives who want learn understand the implementation of data science across various disciplines of business.
  • Business and digital marketing managers seeking to approach prospective customers through improved analytics.
  • Business and project managers, and senior leaders who are already managing or wish to manage big data based projects in the future, and would like to gain in-depth understanding of data analytics/big data.
  • Business executives inclined towards data science, and interested to learn Data Analytics through popular tools from experts.