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Centre of Excellence - VESIM Behavioral Assessment Centre

There are a few business schools in India, who have implemented the concept of Behavioral Assessment, and VESIM stands tall among them. VESIM has established Behavioral Assessment Center (VEBAC) as a centre of excellence. VEBAC is an innovative step towards talent identification and development, performance evaluation, and learning and development.

Behavioral Assessment Centre is one of the key selection techniques employed at many prestigious business organizations to assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) of a candidate or an employee. VEBAC prepares candidates for the big role in these organizations by analyzing their competencies, as well as knowledge, skills, and abilities. We use a variety of assessment techniques including advanced psychometric tools for determining the competency of a candidate. Based on the detailed analysis of the competencies, skills, and attitudes, guidance programs are designed. The candidates are informed about their qualities, attributes, and suitable job positions. Our experts help them to sharpen their competencies, and acquire qualities required for a particular job. 
At VEBAC, all tests are conducted by certified psychometric trainers. We also help interested individuals or organizations to implement behavioral assessment across their organization. Our trainers will offer tailored solutions to manage your people, work environment, and work performances. All psychometric exercises are designed to offer the best psychological evaluation of a candidate’s strength and weaknesses. Also, these exercises help raise self-awareness and self-confidence of a person under analysis. The results of these tests have helped candidates to improve their leadership skills, develop positive attitudes towards different complex situations in the organizations, and build excellent adaptability to different situations, as well as improve their decision-making and problem-solving skills. 
Objectives of VEBAC

  • To assess the personality of an individual or team for improving their inner strengths, and sharpening their competencies.
  • To assess potential strengths and weakness of an individual or team for raising their confidence, and commitment towards their responsibilities in an organization.

To meet these objectives, VEBAC invites leading behavioral assessment experts to the campus regularly. These experts readily share their knowledge and experiences with candidates or other participants.

Benefits of Behavioral Assessment Centre

  • Helps faculty in grooming the right candidate for the right job.
  • Helps organizations in selecting the right candidate for the available position.
  • A detailed psychological evaluation offers a clear picture of the person’s inner strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Simulations help identify a candidate’s behavior under different situations.
  • Expert intervention provides correct insights.
  • All candidates go through the same tests, which helps ensure fairness in evaluation, and minimizes chances for contesting results.