About Alumni

Each alumnus is an ambassador of the rich educational heritage that VESIM is known for. The VESIM alumni community has earned a recognition for their dedication, and leadership qualities, which hold high values in today's competitive world. Our alumni represent a diverse workforce comprising dynamic professionals who are making a mark in the corporate sector, running their own entrepreneurial ventures or family businesses, or contributing to the social sector. 
We are proud of our alumni network, which is one of the strongest ever. Most of our alumni are like mentors and friends to the current students. They help students to overcome their difficulties while preparing themselves for the competitive business world, as well as help them find footage in the industry of their choice.

VESMAA is an abbreviation for Vivekanand Education Society's Management Alumni Association, registered under Society Registration Act 1860 & Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950, VESMAA serves as an interface between VESIM and its more than 2500+ alumni. The Association is committed to connecting alumni with the institute, as well as supporting students through a variety of events, and mentorship programs. 

VESMAA plays a significant role in promoting VESIM’s educational culture, encouraging students, and alumni.

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Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Mission: VESMAA is an association representing business graduates of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and Master of Management Studies (MMS) at VESIM. The association works with a mission of:
    • Promoting VESIM’s educational initiatives
    • Encouraging student alumni interaction
    • Generating a spirit of loyalty towards the Institute
    • Fostering strong bonds between students: past, present, and oncoming
    • Reinforcing industry-institute interface, and stimulating various activities that benefit student community

  • Vision: VESMAA is recognized as a dynamic organization by the VESIM community. The association works in coordination with the board of directors to foster a positive campus environment, as well as instilling in students a sense of lifelong commitment towards the Institute.

  • Values: These basic values are fundamental to the success of the association:
    • Promoting a mutually beneficial relationship between the Institute, and the alumni.
    • Supporting the institute’s commitment to life long learning
    • Supporting the cultural, literary, social, technical, and promotional interests of the alumni by organizing various functions, and meetings.
    • Promoting alumni success and achievements to build the reputation and credibility of the VESIM.
    • Keeping alumni connected to the VESIM community, and with each other through a comprehensive range of socializing programs such as reunions, sports day, etc.